Florida Gas Transmission 14-Inch St. Petersburg Lateral Hydrostatic Test
Road/Lane Closures

For this Florida Gas Transmission St. Petersburg Lateral Section #1 Hydrostatic Test, there were a number of road and lane closures. Click here for a graphic.


Northbound US 301 was closed from East Fowler Avenue to Stacy Road

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Detour route included:
  • East Fowler Avenue
  • Main Street
  • Fort King Highway
  • Stacy Road


West Knights Griffin Road was closed in both directions from Fort King Highway/Stacy Road to Pless Road

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Available detour routes included:
  • Cooper Road
  • Thonotosassa Road
  • McIntosh Road
  • Fort King Highway
  • Stacy Road

During the hydrotest, additional closures (See the red asterisk on the graphic) occurred:

  • One of the two westbound lanes on East Fowler Avenue from Jefferson Road to US 301
  • Jefferson Road north of East Fowler Avenue
  • Walker Road north of East Fowler Avenue
  • Williams Road north of East Fowler Avenue
  • Jackson Road south of US 301
  • Ohio Avenue east of US 301
  • Entire intersection of Gallagher Road with West Knights Griffin Road
  • A portion of Pless Road, north of West Knights Griffin Road
  • Portions of North Vaughn Road
  • Portions of Painted Gaits Lane
  • Portions of North Poel Road
  • Portions of Peeples Road
  • Portions of Peregrine Drive
  • Portions of Deer Herd Avenue
  • Portions of Bailey Road

During the hydrotest, the following limited number of intersecting roadways continued to remain open (See the green arrows on the graphic) to traffic crossing the pipeline:

  • Harney Road
  • Florence Avenue
  • CR 579
  • Stacy Road
  • Fort King Highway
  • McIntosh Road
  • Varn Road
  • SR 39 (Paul Buchman Highway)

For the duration of the high pressure portion of the hydrotest, as a safety consideration, the Florida Gas Transmission Company isolated the 14-inch diameter pipeline from any vehicular or pedestrian traffic. The test started at midnight, so the road and lane closure roadways (noted above) along the 17.0-mile pipeline alignment were closed until approximately 4:00 a.m. A Traffic Control Plan for the night of the hydrotest was approved, and the associated General Utility Permit was issued, by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Law enforcement personnel were stationed at the intersections along the hydrotest alignment for the duration of the hydrotest. Side streets were closed with barricades, however, emergency responders were always able to cross as needed.