Florida Gas Transmission Mainline Hydrostatic Test
Preparations For The Test

In order to help ensure a successful test outcome the first time the hydrotest is performed, Florida Gas Transmission Company has conducted a variety of significant test preparations. These preparations include the following activities:
  • Inspecting the interior of the entire system using a process known as "smart-pigging", well in advance of the hydrotest in order to detect any potentially significant anomalies in the line;
  • Correcting any such anomalies either by repairing or by completely replacing the segment of pipe; and
  • Building the facilities required to conduct the hydrotest on the pipeline.
This same hydrotest has recently been successfully completed on other sections of our 18-inch diameter mainline, in Martin, Saint Lucie, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties. The test window for the 10.2-mile section in northern Miami-Dade County was conducted on Wednesday, 19 April 2017.