Florida Gas Transmission Mainline Hydrostatic Test
Road Closures
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For the duration of the high pressure portion of the hydrotest, as a safety consideration, Florida Gas Transmission Company will isolate the 18-inch diameter mainline pipe from any vehicular or pedestrian traffic. The test will start at midnight, so portions of the three roadways along the 2.2-mile pipeline alignment will be closed until approximately 4:00 a.m. A Traffic Control Plan for the night of the hydrotest will be approved, and the associated General Utility Permit will be issued by the Florida Department of Transportation.

During the hydrotest, the following roadways will be closed:
  • West 20th Avenue
    • From: West 39th Street (NW 91st Terrace)
    • To: Okeechobee Road (US 27 / SR 25)
  • NW 77th Avenue
    • From: NW 80th Terrace
    • To: NW 78th Terrace
  • Hialeah Expressway (SR 934)
    • From: Milam Dairy Road (NW 72nd Avenue / SR 969)
    • To: NW 69th Avenue
  • NW 74th Street
    • From: NW 74th Avenue
    • To: Milam Dairy Road
  • Milam Dairy Road - Northbound Direction
    • From: NW 62nd Street
    • To: NW 74th Street
  • Milam Dairy Road - Southbound Direction
    • From: NW 74th Street
    • To: Hialeah Expressway
  • NW 74th Avenue
    • From: NW 74th Street
    • To: Hialeah Expressway
Law enforcement personnel will be stationed at the major intersections along the hydrotest alignment for the duration of the hydrotest. Side streets will be closed with barricades, however, emergency responders will be able to cross as needed.